General Information

-Before your initial drop off, please complete a permission/release form for your child. This is only required annually, unless your information changes before the end of 12 months.
-Due to germs and over crowdedness, parents are asked to refrain from going in the nursery.
-If you are a nursing mom, at the end of our nursery hallway, there is a private nursing room for you to use.
-Our nursery workers are prepared to provide the best possible care for your child. All linens, toys and equipment are cleaned and each baby is given personal attention and will find warmth in the midst of our church.
-Please bring a diaper bag – diapers, sippy cup, snack, pacifier (if needed), change of clothing (if not fully potty trained)

Check-In & Dismissal 

-Please give your child and diaper bag to the worker and register him/her on the check-in sheet. Please indicate on the check-in sheet:
       - Any special instructions (ex. - feeding times if bottle-fed)  
       - Any known allergies
       - When child should be taken to bathroom if not potty trained.
       - Name of person dropping off, if visitor. This person is the only person permitted to pick up child.-
-Please give your child to one of our volunteers without opening the bottom half of the door (remains closed). If you are unable to do this, an exception will be made. Your child’s snack and cup will be individually labeled and your child’s bag and coat will be placed in a specific cubby labeled for them.

Coming Into the Nursery During Service

-You may be asked to come to the nursery during service for a variety of reasons:
-If we sense your child is in some form of distress and have tried to comfort your child with no success
-If your child is not responding to disciplinary measures (verbal warning or time out) in such a way as to be a continuous disruption to  the nursery environment.
-If we do not have the necessary items to care for your child (change of clothes, bottle, etc.)
-If there is any type of emergency.

-Entering the nursery during the worship service
-If you are needed during service time, a volunteer will text you. If we still haven’t been able to get you, a member of our security team will come get you from             service.  
-If in the event you come to the nursery and are not seen by a volunteer, please ring the bell and someone will let you in.

-We ask that no parents come to the nursery during the worship service to check on their child, with exceptions. Often children are left in distress if a parent comes in to check on him/her and then leave again. It can also upset other children if they sense it is time to see their parent when it is not. We understand you may like to check on your child, especially if you hear him/her crying from the service. In this case, peek through the nursery window and catch a worker’s eye, and he/she will be sure to motion you inside if you are needed. 


-Please assist us in seeing that your child is fed any regular meals necessary before registering them (bottle fed babies are an exception).
-If an infant needs to be fed baby food, the nursery will do its best to feed your child at the appropriate time.
-Allergy concerns should ALWAYS be listed on the check-in sheet.
-Please bring a snack for your child. If this is forgotten, a snack will be provided. If you do not want your child to have a snack, please indicate this on the sign-in sheet.

Bug Free Nursery

Please do not bring children that have:
-Runny Nose (yellow, green)
-Unknown Rash
-Discharge from eye(s)
-Ear infection or irritability/pulling at ears
-Cough that is deep/congested
-Child on antibiotics less than 24 hours
-Lice, mites, or ringworm
Any children with these above symptoms will be returned to parents. Thanks for keeping our nursery healthy!