This ministry offers comprehensive counseling to couples, families, and individuals who may be suffering from mental/behavioral health or are spiritually suffering. This is done by providing an open and judgement free ministry where one will always feel heard, understood, and acknowledged .


The mission is to achieve enlightenment within spiritual, physical, and emotional health across the community and the world so that all may know, and make known, the love of God. 


The vision for this ministry is to have a church body that encourages one another through mental, emotional, and spiritual health while taking this same Christ-like love to the world so that they may also know it. 


This ministry values humility, compassion, and love for others; no matter culture, race, sexuality, gender, or religious standing. 

Why is counseling and care important?

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Counseling/Care Services Offered


While the support of friends and family is still very important, counseling is important in different ways. Pastoral Counselors are professionally-trained listeners who can help you get to the root of your problems, overcome emotional challenges, promote spiritual growth, and help you make positive changes in your life. You don’t have to be diagnosed with a mental health problem to benefit from counseling. Many people in counseling seek help for everyday concerns: relationship problems, job stress, or self-doubt. Others turn to counseling during difficult times, such as a divorce. 


Family dynamics can be tough. This can be especially true through divorce, new children, job loss, or other major life changes. One may be struggling with getting along with their children, or vice versa. Families can be torn apart or feel distant. Whatever the case, we want to help! 

Mental/Behavioral Health

Lets face it, mental health has a stigma that comes with it, especially in the religious/spiritual world. This stigma has lasted far too long, and most of us have experienced anxiety, depression and other things throughout our lives whether we want to admit it or not. Having someone you love struggle with their identify of who they are, struggling with finding purpose, feeling depressed, or even angry, these things (among others) are important to address. Maybe you yourself are struggling with similar things. Our mental/behavioral health can be a catalyst for everything else we do in life, through marriage, raising children, or having a generally happy life. It is important to keep it in check! 

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**Disclosure- Corinth Family First is HIPAA compliant and all information submitted will remain confidential within the laws of HIPAA .**


Marriage, it is not like you see on TV! Whether you are 20 years into a marriage, or are in the planning stages of getting married, counseling can be life changing. Discovering the needs, differences, and ticks that your spouse carries can make the early stages of marriage much easier. Maybe these are things you are just now learning about your loved one! Regardless, getting through communication differences, validating the other's feelings, and keeping the spark alive require consistent work. 


I'm sure you have read all the books in the world pertaining to parenthood. I am also sure that by now you have realized you still don't know everything about being a parent. Maybe your child is personally struggling, or maybe the dynamic between you and your child is muddy. Whatever the case, family comes first, and we can help you. 

Additional Resources

Below, you will find additional online resources to help you and your family. These resources provide information on child and adolescent development, signs and symptoms of depression in children/teens, anxiety, drug/alcohol risks in school and social settings, how to deal with social media, setting healthy boundaries in the home, among many others.
Think Orange provides a FREE downloadable file. These resources can help you better understand WHAT mental health is and WHY it’s so important for us to safeguard our health as well as the health of others. Whether you’re a book reader, a podcast listener, or a video watcher, they have it all. 
ParentTeen Connect is designed by social-emotional learning experts as an at-home, family-engagement resource. This online experience is loaded with videos, resources, and useful advice to help teens and the adults in their lives address hot-button topics.
Reviews for what your kids are into (before they get into it). This resource also provides insight into protective factors regarding social media. 
The Division of Adolescent and School Health provides  a number of resources on physical and mental health, as well as insight into youth risk behaviors. 
There are dozens of other online resources such as these. We encourage you to share these with your family and those around you.

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