Look Up Lodge covid-19 Precautions

What Look Up Lodge expects from all Group Leaders

  • If anyone in your group exhibits any respiratory difficulty or Covid-19 symptoms of ANY kind, please do NOT bring them to camp

  • Please check everyone’s temperatures before heading to camp

  • Please confirm no one in your group has been sick in the past two weeks

  • If anyone in your group qualifies as high risk and/or suffers ANY immunodeficiency disorder, please do not bring them to camp

What Look Up Lodge is committed to

While we always keep our camp common areas as clean and sanitized as possible, we will be implementing the following additional safety measures:

  • Our staff will open and hold doors for guests at the chapel, canteen and dining hall

  • There will be sanitation stations at key places on camp so guests are able to easily access a place to wash/sanitize their hands

  • Our dining hall salad bar will be moved to the serving line

  • Our staff will wear sanitary gloves to hand guests their eating utensils

  • Our staff will sanitize dining hall tables and chairs (prior to each seating), meeting rooms (twice daily), public restrooms (three times daily), all sleeping areas (once daily), outdoor furniture (at least once daily), frequently used items/surfaces such as tables, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, counter tops, sinks, faucets, toilets, etc (several times daily) and all waterfront/ballcourt sports/recreational equipment (prior to each use) with an EPA grade disinfectant
  • There will be trash cans next to doorways so guests can open door handles using a paper towel as an extra safety precaution

  • Paintball: we are currently evaluating whether or not to offer paintball this summer